JV North has an enviable track record of development having built the equivalent of one home every working day since June 2007.

Most recently, the consortium was allocated £87.3 million in the HCA’s 2016/21 Shared Ownership Affordable Homes Programme with members investing £248.2 million to build nearly 3,000 homes.

JV North is currently finishing schemes that were part-funded by £48.2 million from the HCA’s 2015/18 Affordable Homes Programme, which sees members contributing £192.7 million to build 2,174 much-needed homes across the North West.

In the HCA’s 2011/15 Affordable Homes Programme, members built 1,075 homes after investing £134 million that was supported by a £33.4 million grant.

In 2008, approval was given to develop 750 homes for rent and shared ownership on members’ land thanks to a grant of £28.5 million.

JV North’s success spans back as far as 2007 when the consortium successfully applied to the Housing Corporation for approval to be eligible for grant funding under the 2008/11 National Affordable Homes Programme.

The consortium’s success is largely attributed to its procurement framework for contractors, architects, quantity surveyors and other sectors with professional development skills.

The economy of scale it commands ensures the consortium obtains best value for money.

The schemes have given members the opportunity to provide local training and jobs.