Comment: Green build importance

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JV North Chairman, Nigel Wilson explains how the consortium has a long, proven track record of delivering high quality, energy efficient homes and this will continue.

While the challenge to build new homes remains for landlords – and there is more uncertainty at the time of writing as we await a further announcement regarding Local Housing Allowances – we must keep core issues at the forefront of our work.

Tackling fuel poverty has long been seen as vital and as housing associations, we are best placed to make significant improvements on this front.

While the end of the Code for Sustainable Homes and the Green Deal, along with major cuts to the Feed-in Tariff clearly make things harder, we should put the subject in wider context.

Social housing has made some huge strides in recent times to make its homes operate more energy efficiently so tenants can afford to stay warm.

You only have to look at the standard of housing stock across the country now compared to before the days of the Decent Homes programme and there is a marked contrast.

Homes that include A-rated boilers, double glazed doors and windows, loft and wall insulation and dual flush toilets – to name but a few – are now seen as ‘standard’ for new social housing and most retrofit properties, certainly among JV North members.

This is testament to the quality of the procurement carried out several years ago, which means such benefits continue to this day and will remain so long into the future.

Examples are clear to see.

For JV North’s 10 members – who collectively manage over 73,000 homes – producing new homes of an energy efficient calibre that they can be proud of remains a key driver.

Members of the JV North consortium have a long, proven track record of delivering high quality, energy efficient homes and this will continue.

We have explored all aspects of energy efficiency including developing homes in factories such as the 33 new homes Liverpool Mutual Homes are currently delivering.

We understand that you have to get the basics right; getting the fabric of the structure correct is key.

Nigel Wilson is Chairman of JV North and Chief Executive of Wythenshawe Community Housing Group