JV North is working with Homes England to help more people access better homes in the right places.

JV North has an enviable track record of development having built the equivalent of 3.5 homes every working day since 2007 initially through the Housing Corporation then the Homes and Communities Agency and now Homes England.

The consortium has been allocated £150 million of grant as part of Homes England’s 2016/21 Shared Ownership Affordable Homes Programme with members investing £475 million to build over 4,550 homes.

In the 2015/18 Affordable Homes Programme, JV North built 1,613 homes with a member and Homes England investment of £162.4 million.

The 2011/15 Affordable Homes Programme saw members build 1,075 homes after investing £134 million that was supported by a £33.4 million grant.

In 2008, some 750 homes were built for rent and shared ownership thanks to a grant of £28.5 million.

JV North’s success spans back over a decade when the consortium successfully applied to the Housing Corporation for approval to be eligible for grant funding under the 2008/11 National Affordable Homes Programme.