Invaluable IMS guide and training sessions

JV NorthNews

Registered providers are invited to take advantage of a guide and training session on the Homes and Communities Agency’s (HCA) crucial Investment Management System (IMS).

The guide has been created by specialist social housing consultancy Saffer Cooper, which administers JV North’s Affordable Homes Programme, and Accent Housing Group.

It is aimed at helping housing associations understand and best use the system that is the key monitoring and reporting tool between landlords and the HCA.

The guide is available to buy as a package, which includes a half-day training session.

Senior staff at Saffer Cooper Consultancy and Accent Housing Group joined forces to produce the updated and comprehensive training guide for the revised IMS software.

The three staff, all of who previously worked at the HCA managing the IMS, have simplified what can often be seen as a very challenging system.

Julie Gagan, Head of Programme Management at Saffer Cooper, said: “The IMS is the way RPs and the HCA share and review vital data for development and as such, accuracy is essential.

“We have tried to provide a simple step-by-step guide that will assist greatly with vitally important auditors and audits carried out by the HCA.

“When you deal with the system everyday it becomes second nature, but when you only use it occasionally it can be confusing.”

The guide was co-written by Sue Missin from Accent Housing Group.

Sue said: “I know exactly how people feel with regards to the system.

“In the Accent Group we have 12 partners all of whom have staff who only occasionally use IMS – it gave me a great insight into what users want and we’ve adapted the guide to reflect this.”

For further details contact Julie Gagan at Saffer Cooper on 0161 477 6464.