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JV North has appointed nearly 40 SMEs to its £180 million home building framework.

In total, 38 companies have been selected since JV North launched a specific lot for small and medium-sized enterprises in September 2017.

The lot sees the SMEs bidding for schemes valued at under £1 million by JV North’s housing association members.

Work offered is divided into six areas: new build, refurbishment, modular build, disabled adaptations, supported housing and fire safety.

Sean Stafford, who is a Director at Saffer Cooper which manages JV North’s development programme, said: “We are really pleased with the quality of the SMEs who have bid and been appointed to the framework for schemes under £1 million.

“Appointing 38 SMEs is a very good start and we expect this number to increase further because companies can apply to join until 2021 and we encourage them to do so via the Dynamic Purchasing System.

“We chose the DPS because it simplifies the procurement process and is easy to use.

“These are two key issues that appeal to SMEs who are often put off applying for frameworks because they feel they don’t have the capacity to manage lengthy procurement exercises or think the work is too big for them and will be taken by larger contractors.”

JV North Chairman, Nigel Wilson, who is also Chief Executive of Wythenshawe Community Housing Group, said: “Members have been impressed with the quality of work, attention to detail and attitude of SMEs when working in their neighbourhoods and we believe there is untapped potential.

“Using SMEs improves local communities in a broader sense; we can make neighbourhoods thrive and boost local economies by creating more jobs, training opportunities and apprenticeships as well as buying local materials.

“Members are passionate about building homes to meet demand and we see SMEs playing a key role developing smaller sites, which across a large membership like JV North’s, can make a significant difference.”