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JV North has committed to building two-and-a-half homes every working day until April 2021.

The consortium’s new target comes after building the equivalent of one home every working day since forming in 2007.

JV North is building 4,763 homes in the 2016/21 Shared Ownership Affordable Homes Programme.

Made up of nine full landlord members in Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Preston and Merseyside, JV North will invest £452.5 million of their own funds along with £138.9 million from Homes England.

Of the 4,763 homes to be built by the end of April 2021 there will be 1,824 for Shared Ownership, 1,557 for Rent to Buy, 487 as Specialist Housing for Rent and 895 as Affordable Rent.

So far in the programme, JV North has built 75 homes with a further 1,401 underway across 52 live sites.

JV North Chairman Nigel Wilson, who is also Chief Executive of Wythenshawe Community Housing Group, said: “Under the Housing Corporation, the HCA and Homes England we have consistently built homes for our communities to help address the needs of local people as best we can.

“While building the equivalent of one home every working day – 3,491 properties since 2007 – was a great achievement, we have the systems in place to be able to double this between now and the end of April 2021.

“Members have a great appetite to build and crucially, provide the right type of homes and tenures.

“By the end of the 2016/21 SOAHP, JV North will have built a total of 7,829 homes and invested just over £1 billion with Homes England all while bidding for further grant and trying to attract new members to build even more homes.”

In the 2015/18 Affordable Homes Programme, JV North has built 1,068 homes and has 564 homes underway on-site, investing £165 million with Homes England.