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JV North has launched a £180 million contractors’ and consultants’ framework with a range of professionals needed to help build and sell homes.

The consortium’s 11 members span Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Nottingham and Preston and will build nearly 3,000 homes for rent and ownership by 2021.

It is anticipated that approximately 2,000 of these properties will be delivered through the new four-year framework that starts in July.

For the past four years, the JV North development framework has included contractors, architects and quantity surveyors.

The new framework will also include employer’s agents, principal designers, legal conveyancers and valuers.

This time, JV North has created a two-tier system based on the value of the works being offered.

Level 1 is being launched now and is a framework targeting contractors and consultants for works in excess of £1 million.

Level 2 will be launched in April and is a framework for contractors bidding for work valued up to £1 million so SME builders get an improved opportunity.

This will be made available through a Dynamic Purchasing System – a recently introduced procurement tool that JV North believes will better suit SME businesses.

The consortium is also seeking contractors to deliver offsite projects using modern methods of construction.

Sean Stafford, who is Director of Saffer Cooper which manages JV North’s development programme, said: “The landscape in social housing has changed and JV North is reacting to this to ensure it can deliver just as it has since forming in 2007.

“The existing framework has been very successful with excellent work carried out by a collection of high quality organisations and professionals.

“We are now looking to widen it so we can deliver nearly 3,000 home ownership properties and so require consultants who offer specialist services.

“As well as larger businesses, in April SMEs can apply for works valued £1 million and under so JV North members can further increase the investments they make in their local economies and communities.

“Many small to medium sized contractors do not actively look for procurement opportunities because most work tendered is usually perceived as too big for them but we want them to apply too. 

“This is why we have divided the framework into work based on value.”

JV North Chairman and Chief Executive at Wythenshawe Community Housing Group, Nigel Wilson said: “Our members and partners on the framework have excellent relationships with their respective local authorities and have a big appetite to build high quality homes in their communities to help meet the growing housing demand.

“We need companies of a similar ethos to join our framework and deliver our vision.”

JV North members have a proven track record of delivery, building the equivalent of one home every working day with the HCA since forming in 2007, investing £175,000 daily.

In January, JV North received a grant of £87.3 million from the Homes and Communities Agency’s Shared Ownership Affordable Homes Programme.

JV North members are contributing £248.2 million to it taking the total investment to £335.5 million.

JV North is delivering the final year of the HCA’s 2015/18 Affordable Homes Programme with a total of 1,745 homes being built.

Members are investing £161.9 million with a £34.8 million grant from the HCA.

More details about the 2017 framework can be found via the Delta eSourcing portal:

Contractors – for works over £1 million:

Consultants – (Architects, Quantity Surveyors/ Employers Agent, Principal Designers) – for all works: