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JV North Chairman, Nigel Wilson, explains the consortium’s bid to the HCA to build nearly 3,000 properties under the Shared Ownership Affordable Homes Programme, means members are now gearing up for what could be a sizeable shift in the way they operate.

Should our application – comprising of a mixture of Shared Ownership, Rent to Buy and Specialist Housing for Rent – be successful, the landscape and make-up of members’ teams will change significantly.

Historically we have built and then immediately rented the homes out and this has been delivered with great success; JV North has built one home a day for the past nine years.

We have achieved this by creating a team of expert consultants on our framework of contractors, architects and quantity surveyors.

The new challenge for JV North and others successful in their SOAHP bids will be making sure they can supplement these professionals with the right personnel with the necessary skill sets to sell properties.

SOAHP is a different proposition to building properties for rent when there is huge demand on lengthy waiting lists.

While there is experience in the sector of managing shared ownership, not everyone will have the skills sets as standard and the differing relationship with occupiers post sale is something else we will need to understand quickly.

Specialist consultants covering legal conveyancing, property valuation and marketing expertise to help promote the benefits and reach a new audience will be vital.

If our bid is successful, JV North will launch a new framework where for the first time we will be inviting these professionals to join us as we continue to deliver homes, on this occasion for a new range of tenures and customers.