Weaver Vale Housing Trust is a Large Scale Voluntary Transfer (LSVT) housing association, formed in July 2002.  We are an independent organisation with a clear vision for our future.

Our Corporate Plan provides strategic direction for Weaver Vale Housing Trust and Weaver Horizons over the period 2013 to 2020.

Our Plan will take us through a considerable period of change in our sector. Cuts in public sector services, increases in the cost of living, the uncertain economic climate and the impact of welfare reform all provide significant challenges to fulfilling our Vision.

Our 2020 Vision

“Transforming Neighbourhoods, Homes and Services to Improve the Quality of Life for our Customers”

Our Plan will see the Trust continue to position itself as a landlord of choice, with a greater emphasis on both providing homes that are affordable to heat and providing opportunities to help our customers into work.

We believe that this ambition together with an approach to building self reliant communities will take us closer to our Vision.

Our Values

We will continue to embed the right culture built around our values. These have served us well and are shared by our Board, Executive Team, Managers, Team Leaders and our Font Line Staff. Our journey to 2020 will see us continue to uphold our values of      

  • Fairness
  • Openness
  • Respect
  • Enthusiasm
  • Collaboration
  • Commitment
  • Customer focus.

Our values show our staff, partners and stakeholders how we will behave in the daily delivery of our services and in all other aspects of our work.

Vision & Values           

Our Vision sets out “what” we want to achieve to

– Improve the Quality of Life for our Customers

and our Values show “how” we will act and behave as we go about the business of

Transforming Neighbourhoods, Homes and Services.

A Journey of Transformation

Our 2020 Vision is our third Corporate Plan and continues our journey of transformation.

Our first Plan had two main themes. They were to deliver our “transfer promises” and to prepare the Trust for life after the completion of these promises. In 2007 we celebrated the completion of the promises, which were delivered on time and on budget.

Our second Plan expanded our service “offer” to customers. It had followed a review which concluded that we provided a comprehensive service “offer” in relation to the physical fabric of our homes but needed to do more within the neighbourhoods where our homes are located and we needed to expand the range and coverage of services provided to the customers who live in our homes.

In 2013 we celebrated completion of the Plan with most of our ambitions realised around a re balancing of our service “offer”.

Our 2020 Vision will build on this success and see the further development of services aimed at the customers who live in our homes.

This direction of travel is also informed by the results of our 2012 STAR customer satisfaction survey. Feedback from the survey told us that the following were important priorities for our customers,

  • Improving their home
  • Improving their neighbourhood
  • Help with getting people into work
  • Help with heating
  • Help with claiming housing & other benefits

We will continue to shape our services around the needs of our customers and resource these priorities going forward.

Website: www.wvht.co.uk

Twitter: @weavervale

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