The framework can still be accessed until June 2021 by SME contractors for works valued under £1 million.

We are always looking to enhance the excellent work members do with small to medium sized contractors to boost local economies through jobs, training, apprentices and the buying of materials.

Many SME contractors do not actively look for procurement opportunities because most work tendered is usually perceived as too big for them.

This is why we have split the framework into a simple value basis and supplemented it with a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) providing additional opportunities for such contractors.

JV North requires business to have a proven track record of delivery that meets the highest standards.

Quality is at the heart of our work; JV North members have an enviable track record of delivering homes to a standard normally found in executive properties.

Businesses who can evidence work is delivered on time and on budget are also encouraged to apply.

This is vital given housing demand, the consortium’s relationship with Homes England and the impact this has on drawing down grant funding.

Partnership working is of equal importance.

As a consortium, the sharing of best practice, innovation and knowledge plays a key role in our on-going success.