Work underway at 13 sites in Wythenshawe

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13 sites in Wythenshawe

Wythenshawe Community Housing Group’s Daine Avenue scheme.

Plans to build nearly 300 new homes in Wythenshawe over the next three years is well underway with 13 development sites being brought into use.

JV North member Wythenshawe Community Housing Group (WCHG) is forging ahead with plans to build 289 homes after receiving over £4.3m of grant funding in the HCA’s 2015/18 Affordable Homes Programme.

The 13 sites have seen either planning permission received, contracts awarded for construction work to start, designs agreed with the public or initial designs passed by Manchester City Council.

WCHG received 100 per cent of the bid it made through HCA development consortium, JV North.

Sites at Lullington Close, Nathans Road and Haveley Circle have received planning approval while United Living has been appointed to develop schemes at Nesfield Road, Bideford Road and Daine Avenue.

Land in Greenwood Road, Cornishway, Yew Tree Lane and Selstead Road have seen initial designs agreed with the planning authority.

A public consultation for a scheme at Bramcote Avenue is underway while a public consultation for the Greenbrow Road scheme has been completed with a planning application now due to be submitted.

WCHG Chief Executive and Chairman of JV North, Nigel Wilson, said: “This is the next stage of the process to build hundreds of new, high quality homes across Wythenshawe as part of our HCA funding allocation.

“The programme spans three years and we are well underway with positive activity on all 13 sites identified.

“Residents in Wythenshawe are going to see a lot of activity across the town as work begins on three sites and it will be quickly followed by work on the schemes that have received planning consent.

“JV North members have accelerated their developments since the Affordable Homes Programme was introduced in 2011.

“This has allowed us to get ahead and deliver new homes early for our people and communities.”

The new homes will include properties for sale, affordable rent and shared ownership.