JV North is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.

JV North is an equal status consortium.

The Board comprises of directors from each member body and its Chairperson is annually elected.

Members undertake JV North’s key administrative tasks to ensure the consortium operates efficiently and effectively within its own resources.

Responsibility is taken for key roles including legal services, accountancy, financial audits and IT.

For Homes England purposes, the lead member is Wythenshawe Community Housing Group.

Behind JV North sits the Saffer Cooper Consultancy, which manages the development programme and grant funding, reporting to and liaising with the Board and Homes England to ensure delivery of homes.

Saffer Cooper works closely with members’ development teams, organising meetings and providing briefings on new topics and initiatives. Where issues arise or where action is needed, Saffer Cooper is empowered to act.

The current 2021/25 Framework is co-ordinated by Saffer Cooper.

Enquiries about joining or working with JV North should be sent to info@jvnorth.co.uk


JV North has put in place a number of service level agreements with members to provide company secretariat, internal legal services, accounting and IT.

Independent legal advisers and internal and external auditors are also appointed when needed.


Members contributed funds for the initial start-up and a budget is set by the Board each year to cover running costs.

Income is based on an annual agreed subscription fee from each member and a levy on each unit included in the development programme.


2016 > 2021 Programme

  • JV North received £149.75m from Homes England

  • Members are investing £475m taking the overall total to nearly two-thirds of a billion pounds

  • 4,551 homes will be built by members by 2021

2015 > 2018 Programme

  • JV North received £32.5m from HCA (the second highest allocation outside of London) and members are investing £129.9m which in total sees £162.4m being invested to build 1,613 new homes
  • Two year programme extension to 2020 sees additional £955m made available by HCA in 2018/19 and 2019/20
  • Total = £4.8bn available from HCA between 2015 – 2020 to build 275,000 new homes

2011 > 2015 Programme

  • JV North received £22.3m from HCA and members invested £84m to build 1,075 new homes
  • Members also delivered a further 539 homes under the Affordable Homes Guarantee Programme.

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